How to create a strong password that you actually remember.

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Your online safety depends on your passwords. In other words. They’re the main way your accounts stay safe. But how can you tell if a password is strong enough? Let’s look at how to make the safest password possible.

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Tips For Strong Password

So, let’s get back to the passwords. Here are some tips for making a good password that you won’t forget as soon as you close the page. First, make sure the password is long enough, with at least ten characters. You may have heard that eight characters are enough, but that’s no longer true.

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With today’s computers, thieves can guess your eight-character password in just a few hours, no matter how hard it is. Second, make sure that the password is hard to guess. Include letters and numbers, as well as any special characters. The better, the more unique characters there are. Use a password manager is the next tip. It can be hard to remember long, complicated passwords, but a powerful password manager like NordPass can help you keep track of them.

NordPass lets you store all of your login information in a protected vault, fills in your login information automatically, helps you make strong passwords, and remembers them for you, so you don’t have to! Use mnemonics. If you don’t like password managers, you can make phrases that are easy to remember and are related to the service you’re using. For instance, you might sign up for a VPN.

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You could use the phrase “I like to protect my data with NordVPN” as a way to remember the password. Use a passphrase, which is another way to help you remember your password. Keep in mind that it can be risky to use words that everyone knows. But putting together a bunch of random words might work. But randomness is the key.

The human brain is extremely bad at stringing together truly random words, so the EFF website provides a list of numbered words. A combination like “right zebra fashion ultramarine football work” is extremely difficult to guess because of its length and randomness. But it is fairly easy to remember. Another tip for creating a robust password is to use a password generator. Try the NordPass random password generator to improve your password strength and create strong yet unique passwords.

Things To Avoid

Now that you have a stronger password strategy, let’s look at some pitfalls to watch out for while constructing your logins. No matter how many more random characters you add, you should never utilise your username as part of the password.

Never use the names of your friends, family, or animals. Never, ever use your own, either. Never use keyword keys, consecutive characters, or digits. Everyone is familiar with qwerty123. Everyone. Dictionary words are prohibited, as we previously stated. Yellowsun and SecurityRulez, two straightforward word combinations, are actually not secure. The same holds true for obvious replacements. S3curityRul3z or Yellow$un don’t cut it.

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Use Commen Senses

Okay, so making a strong password is essential, but it won’t keep you safe. To stay safe, you must exercise common sense. What I mean is this. Never use the same password across several accounts, no of how secure it is. At least once every six months, switch out all of your passwords.

Never divulge your passwords to anyone. Change your login credentials right away if your password is discovered to be weak or if the security of a service you use is compromised. Avoid storing your passwords in the browser, or at the very least create a master password first.

Don’t enter your password on a device that belongs to someone else. After learning these strategies, you ought to feel much secure browsing the internet.

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