Top 10 Most Hated Video Game Villains.

Today, we’re going to talk about List of Top 10 Most Hated Video Game Villains. that people hate the most. Any good story needs a good bad guy, and while there are plenty of bad guys who are sympathetic or easy to understand, these guys usually aren’t. Either they go way too far or they are just awful.

List of Top 10 Most Hated Video Game Villains.


  • Top 10 Most-Hated Video Game Villains
  • The first main bad guy in “Persona 5”, Kamoshida,

Micah from “Red Dead Redemption 2

Micah from “Red Dead Redemption 2” is a character that you love to despise. Tenpenny and Big Smoke are terrible but charming. Not video game villains

Arthur Morgan ranked 10 in the Top 10 Most Hated Video Games. He’s a sad serpent who constantly attacks Arthur Morgan. Micah, sure? I never thought I’d be so happy to see you. He’s self-centered. He’s random, violent, and annoying. He’s an awful character who’s more of a nuisance than a threat. He’s dirty cowboy evil guy 101. As the game progresses the leader. Arthur tries to bring him back. Micah keeps aiding Dutch’s fantasies, even though he tried out the group in the first place. best video game villains. When you eventually murder this two-faced coward after the game, it’s satisfying. Even though it’s John Marston’s downfall, it’s still good.

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Volgin from Metal Gear Solid

Most of the bad guys in “Metal Gear Solid” have a good reason for being bad. Genome Soldiers and other groups got help from Liquid Snake. Solidus wants the Patriot rule to end.

Volgin ranked 9 from the Top 10 Most Hated Video Game. Volgin doesn’t have such goals. He wants to make the Soviet Union more important in the world, but he is cruel and enjoys making other people suffer.

The Boss is the game’s good guy bad guy. Volgin doesn’t know why she did what she did until the end. He is excited. He hurts Eva just for fun, kills Granin by punching and kicking him in a drum can, and beats Snake so badly that he is only an inch away from dying.

He tells the Boss to cut out Snake’s eye, but a stray bullet hits him in the other eye and makes him blind. Hideo Kojima loves to put his characters through the ringer, but Naked Snake gets the worst of it, mostly because Volgin is the bully of the series.

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Sephiroth ranked 8 out of the Top 10 Most Hated Video Games. People both like and dislike Sephiroth. As a bad guy, he’s great, especially in the ’90s, when it was cool to be brooding in a leather jacket. He is a strange and scary presence throughout the game, but he is not a bad guyhe is video game villains.

The bad guys in this game are the worst in all of Final Fantasy. You know already. Aerith is a popular member of the group. Her positive attitude and sassy personality made her an easy character to like, which is why Sephiroth killing her was one of the most shocking things that has ever happened in a video game

You can’t bring her back or make her come back to life. You were doomed if she was a primary. She is gone. She has left. RPGs rarely kill party members for good, and when they do, it’s usually only for a short time or because you can switch out your party.

Not “Final Fantasy VII.” When Sephiroth kills Aerith, she is gone for good, and if you were 10 and had a crush on her, it was even worse. This made Sephiroth one of the most hated bad guys in the history of video games.

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Roy Earle

Roy Earle ranked 7 out of Top 10 Most Hated Video Game. Seventh, let’s switch from JRPG bad guys to a Rockstar character that everyone hates. In “L.A. Noire,” Roy Earle is one of your main partners. He’s your guy during Cole Phelps’ short time as Vice President, when he acts like a jerk and does bad things.

At the end of the game, you find out that he is part of the urban redevelopment fund scheme and protects those who are involved. Cole tries to tell everyone, but a key serial killer kills him before he can.

The game ends with Roy Earle, who tried to ruin Cole’s life and killed him, giving a speech at his funeral while corrupt officials cheer. Roy Earle doesn’t get punished for his bad behaviour like Micah did in “Red Dead.” He gets away with it, which is a very disgusting thing to do.

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Arl Rendon Howe

Arl Rendon Howe 6th From Top 10 Most Hated Video Game  The most annoying person in the Dragon Age games is Arl Rendon Howe. Arl Howe, who works for Loghain and is played by Tim Curry with just the right amount of smug dismissal, is a power-hungry coward.

Loghain, on the other hand, does what he does for a good reason. If you choose the Human Noble origin, Arl Howe acts like a friend of your father, but once he’s gone, he turns into a trait. His men kill everyone in your family and on your staff, even the kids.

That makes him someone you hate. It takes a long time to get back at this guy, but it’s worth it! Things can’t get worse. Some people don’t think it’s enough to just hack this person to death. Maker spat at me. I got less. –

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Eric Sparrow’s

Eric Sparrow Is 5th in the Top 10 Most Hated Video Game  In “Tony Hawk’s Underground,” Eric Sparrow does some bad things, but they aren’t that bad. He isn’t purposely killing anyone.

He’s a naughty kid who is jealous of your success. Throughout the game, he’s a pain. When he changes the tape of your most amazing trick to make it look like he did it, he turns into a real jackass. Oh, I’m still upset. In one level, your character jumped over a helicopter, but Eric gets credit for it because he was there.

Compared to other things, it’s not that bad, but the fact that Eric Sparrow is likable makes him especially awful. Eric is the kind of person we’ve all had to deal with, and the fact that “THUG” isn’t true is what makes him so awful.

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Sephiroth is 4th from Top 10 Most Hated Video Game  Like Sephiroth, Lautrec is a bad guy in “Dark Souls” because of what he does. Many of the bad guys in the Souls games have strange habits. Lautrec sux. Talking to him in jail makes him seem fine.

No one is mad at him, so you can trust him. Mistake. This is the worst of the first two Souls games, “Demon’s Souls” and “Dark Souls.” You can leave him alone or free him, but it doesn’t matter.

No matter what, he leaves. He hangs out at the Firelink Shrine and seems like just another NPC, but if you play the game long enough, the shrine will be dark and the bonfire won’t work.

You can’t use the game’s most important save point because Lautrec killed Anastacia. The centre is Firelink Shrine. This person messed up a key part of the game.

You can get your revenge and fix the Firelink Shrine, but it’s so annoying that you should just kill him. We hate this guy because he takes away one of the few safe places in the game.


Kamoshida is 3rd in the Top 10 Most Hated Video Games.  The first main bad guy in “Persona 5”, Kamoshida, deserves a lot of attention. The Persona fan Wiki says that Kamoshida is a bully who is lustful, vain, cruel, and only cares about himself.

In a normal story, he would just be a former pro athlete and volleyball coach. You are a high school student. Anyone who has played sports in school has met a jerk like this who reached his peak too early and takes it out on other people. Not even close. The way this guy plays makes him easy to dislike. He pursues female students. He is a full-fledged predator who hurts his male students by making their training painful. Since the principal looks out for him, students are afraid to say anything bad about him. It feels great to finally find out what he did wrong. Every other bad guy in “Persona 5” isn’t as bad as him because he is so bad.

Suikoden II

Suukoden II ranked 2 in the Top 10 Most Hated Video Games.  The second one is an oldie. “Final Fantasy VII” came out before “Suikoden II,” but it looks like “Suikoden II” is older, right? This classic RPG starts with Luca Blight, one of the worst bad guys ever.

His tricks are well known. He kills your whole regiment as an excuse to invade a nearby country. So far, so good. Even though you were in his army, he killed you to attack his neighbor. Then he gets worse. Luca kills everyone in the village except one person, whom he tells to crawl in the mud and snort like a pig. He kills him, too. Just put him down. Ugh. Before he did horrible things and started wars, Kefka could tell jokes like the Joker in “Final Fantasy VI.” This guy is awful. He’s nuts.

Ted Faro

Ted Faro Ranked 1 out of Top 10 Most Hated Video Games The number one character is Ted Faro from “Horizon: Zero Dawn.” Ted Faro stands out because he is not a bad guy.

Never see him. His story is told through audio recordings and computer terminals, but the fact that he is a bad person is enough to make you hate him.

He did it twice to Horizon’s world. He started the company Faro Automated Solutions, which made the Faro Plague, which killed all life on Earth. At least, that’s a mistake.

His greed made the end of the world happen, but what he did after that made him a legend. As the epidemic was destroying the world and things didn’t look good, a group of scientists made the GAIA System, which used a big computer database, science stuff, and Apollo to rebuild the old world.

As the world ended, Farrow had a mental breakdown. He used his special access to the GAIA control system to delete the Apollo servers, which erased all of humanity’s knowledge at once. He did this because he thought it would make the next generation of humans less pure. Faro also kept his past a secret.

He was excited and thought he would be in charge of a new earth. “Horizon: Forbidden West” shows what happens to him in the end, and sarcasm, it couldn’t have happened to a better guy. Here are 10 bad characters from video games.

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