Full Explain For Beginners What is Affiliate Marketing In 2022


This post shows you how to start affiliate marketing as a beginner. We’ll discuss where to find the best products and promotion strategies. This post should give you enough actionable advice to start affiliate marketing today. Matt Diggity: Affiliate marketer since 2009. Over my career, I’ve made millions in affiliate commissions, which I’m grateful for. Here’s a screenshot from one of my affiliate dashboards showing $20,800 in 30 days. Another 13,800-pointer. I hate talking about money, so seeing these numbers makes me cringe.

There are many fake gurus who talk about affiliate marketing but don’t do it. I’ll never film in front of a Lambo. If you Google learn affiliate marketing, depending on the wind, you’ll find me at the top. Google agrees with me. Before we start, let’s talk about why affiliate marketing is a good business model. Affiliate marketing, unlike an ecommerce business or Amazon, doesn’t require you to invest in inventory. You don’t have to worry about suppliers or return policies; all you have to do is promote products. Second, you can start for free. The only cost is building a website for less than $100. Lastly, introverts will like this.


Third, you don’t have to manage customers; you can go all day without speaking to anyone if you want. Affiliate marketing? Affiliates don’t own products, as you know. You promote other companies’ products for a commission. You’re a commission-only salesperson, except you don’t talk to customers and everything is done online. Say you repair air conditioners at work. You know a lot about ACS, you gangster.

What is Affiliate Marketing

Say you recommend an AC unit on your blog or YouTube. You’ll earn a commission when someone clicks your affiliate link. If you Google best web hosting for SEO, my blog comes up first. This article recommends SiteGround. Using this link will earn me money. You should only promote affiliate products that you’re willing to put your name on. Bluehost, many people will promote high-commission products.

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I recommend promoting only products you’re proud to share. I use SiteGround, and my audience has no problems with it. Now that you know what affiliate marketing is, let’s get started. Affiliate newcomers should follow four steps. First, join an affiliate network, then find a product to promote, get your affiliate links, and start driving traffic to those links to earn commissions. This video will go over each step so you can start today.

Affiliate marketing involves promoting products you don’t own but think your audience will like. Most websites have affiliate programmes, which is great. I like the productivity and organisation app Asana. Google Asana Affiliate Program and you’ll see they have one. This link will take you to an application form. So simple!


I recommend affiliate networks for beginners. Affiliate networks let you browse hundreds of affiliate programmes at once. As a beginner, you should search for the best affiliate programme and niche. Browse on networks. ShareASale, Amazon Associates, and FanFuel are three great affiliate networks. ShareASale has over 4,000 affiliate offers in different categories. 5 to 50% commissions are available. I’ve used ShareASale since 2015 and earn $2-$5,000 per month consistently.

Affiliate marketing network

To join ShareASale, click Sign Up and then Affiliate Sign Up. Then create a username and password. ShareASale makes promoting products easy. Search for merchants in the keyword bar. You can also browse by niche using the sidebar or top logos. Browse the Automotive category to find affiliate programmes for auto parts, car covers, radar detectors, motorcycle helmets, and tyres. Everything is there.

Open Luxe Auto Mats’ listing. Excellent software. I’ll explain. The description says they sell custom car mats. Left is their website link. A quick look at their homepage shows they’re legit. Top shows a 22% commission rate. So a $200 sale nets you $44. EPC means Earnings Per Click, so 10 clicks to this offer will earn $960. Their 90-Day Cookie is another fact. Affiliate links store a cookie on the user’s browser when clicked.

So the system will credit you if they buy car mats. If someone clicks your link and buys your mats 89 days later, you’ll still get credit. 90 Day Cookie is good. Click join programme if you want to promote car mats. On this form, enter where you’ll promote them. I’d recommend a car-related Instagram or blog. Later, I’ll show you how to create a blog. Maybe you prefer dogs or fitness to cars. How do you choose a niche? First, choose a passionate niche.


Passionate people talk about it more, look for solutions more, and open their wallets to get them. People are passionate about their dogs, but massage guns? Second, choose a niche with $50+ products. You get a percentage of the sale price. Selling $10 yoga mats will net you less than $1 each. Fitness niches, where people take expensive supplements, are better than yoga niches, despite being similar.

Topics and niches

Promote digital products like online courses. Course Makers have huge profit margins because adding a new student costs nothing. Because of this, commissions can reach 50%. Online Tools are great because they offer recurring commissions. You get paid every month a referred customer uses the service. You can see how this adds up. Since niche selection is complicated, I linked to a video in the description. After watching, visit.

Copy the merchant default link from the Affiliate Program’s get links page. This is your ShareASale affiliate link, which tracks your referred sales. Easy money if someone clicks this and buys something. Amazon Associates is another beginner-friendly affiliate programme. Amazon Associates has perks for beginners. Everything on Amazon can be promoted and sold for a commission. You know Amazon’s catalogue is huge. Amazon lets you sell dog toys and laptops. Say your dog blog gets someone to click on an affiliate link to a dog toy.

This person decides to buy a laptop too. You get commissions on everything they buy in 24 hours. Here’s my 30-day Amazon earnings, which are decent but lower than my other network dashboards. I’ll explain later. To join Amazon Associates, visit the main landing page and click Sign up. Enter your name and payment info. Step 2 is where you’ll promote them. At this point, I’ll enter their blog URL. If you don’t have a blog, a YouTube channel or Facebook page can be created in minutes.

You wait a few days for approval. Here’s one. You have three months to make three sales in Amazon’s Associates Program. We’ll discuss that later. Easy to find Amazon affiliate links. When logged in, promote any product. You’ll notice a new Amazon Associates header. Under Get Link, click Text to create your affiliate link. You can also easily create an image link for your blog. I don’t make much money with Amazon because of their low commission rates. Here’s Amazon’s latest pricing.

These commission rates are low compared to ShareASale’s 50%. If you sold a $100 vacuum for 3% commission, you’d make $3. Amazon associates won’t make you rich unless you sell lots of products or expensive ones. Beginners can promote anything in Amazon’s catalogue. It has downsides, though. How to find niche-specific affiliate partnerships. Say you’re a weightlifter and gym bro. FanFuel caters to niches. FanFuel has fat burners, weight loss pills, testosterone boosters, nootropics, and anti ageing products. Scroll down to see commission rates for weight loss products: 40, 50, and 60%.

My FanFuel earnings dashboard shows more revenue than Amazon. Because of their better commission rates and optimised sales pages. By showing you multiple networks, I wanted to show that affiliate marketing has many options. You should compare networks before deciding. Use a link in the description to join FanFuel and earn a commission. Oh my God, affiliate marketing in action, so simple. Simple as that. Let’s talk about your product promotion options now that you’ve chosen one.


Conversion rate multiplied by traffic to your offers determines how much money you make. Conversion rate is how well you sell your offers, maybe through a blog post or YouTube video. Let’s focus on traffic options for now.

Paid traffic, such as Google or Facebook ads, is commonly associated with affiliate marketing. Here’s a sample. If you Google Cheap Web Hosting, you’ll see ads on top. Top10.com is an affiliate site. When you open this, you’ll find affiliate links. Paid ads scale. If you spend $10 on ads and make $15 on affiliate sales, you’ve made $5. Why not scale this and spend $1,000, $10,000, $100,000/month on ads? Paid ads have drawbacks.

First, reduce profits. Spending too much money means spamming the same people with ads. Paid ads aren’t a good strategy for beginners. As a beginner, you want a cheaper option for experimenting. I don’t mind paid ads, though. I run them myself because organic traffic is profitable. Next is free organic traffic from social media or Google. When we Googled Cheap Web Hosting, we saw organic results after scrolling past the ads. They get free Google traffic. YouTube is the best social media platform for affiliate marketing. YouTube is crazy because it helps you grow your audience and pays you.

It’s the second-biggest search engine after Google. I’ve also found it converts well. If you’re shy, you won’t like making YouTube videos. I’m introverted, though. You can overcome shyness with practise. I can edit these videos to remove the billion stutters you don’t see. If you find someone to make videos for you, it’s risky to base your business on one person. What’s left if they leave? I’m also making videos and growing my YouTube channel, as you can see. I’d be lying if I said I was comfortable investing in a platform I don’t control.

Channels close frequently. Instagram also works. After 10,000 followers, you can swipe up on your stories. This increases traffic to your affiliate links. Add bio links separately. TikTok converts well, but I’ve only used it to make dance videos. The best place to promote affiliate links is a blog. Even if you used social media, you need a place to send affiliate links. I recommend products and services on this page. Having a Google-trafficked website is the best way to get traffic, in my opinion. Google traffic converts well. If someone searches best wireless router, they’re ready to buy one. You’ll get massive conversions if you’re first. You can use Google, the largest search engine.

Google dominates traffic. Lastly, you own your website. It’s not a Twitter or Instagram account that can be banned. It’s more stable now. Dignitymarketing.com is a personal brand website that focuses on affiliate marketing and SEO. On my site, I review various softwares and include affiliate links for my recommendations, but you don’t need a personal brand or your face when creating an affiliate website. Website affiliate marketing is more anonymous than social media. House & Beyond is a home improvement-focused blog. Effective affiliate website content includes two types.

Roundup reviews are top five, ten, etc. lists. Top six braun shavers. This type of review ranks multiple products in the same category. High-traffic pages that convert well. Single-product reviews include this one of nest bedding bamboo sheets. This method involves reviewing one product and recommending it. Affiliate links abound. These websites look nice, but they’re not hard to make with today’s technology. Drag-and-drop page builders can make this in minutes. I’ll also investigate.

Affiliate marketing can also be done via email. Again, this is a great option if your website can get people to sign up for your newsletter. You can also create lead magnets that offer exclusive content in exchange for email addresses. With email, you start by sending value-packed emails, and then you can send links to your favourite products. Morning Brew is a popular email newsletter. Investing.io has great newsletters. I’ve said websites are my favourite affiliate marketing medium. Here’s how easy it is to create a website.


First, get hosting. Your website needs storage for its images and text. So does a host. For beginners, I recommend SiteGround. Use the link in the description to visit their hosting page. This will earn me a commission and help the channel. Get the discounted startup plan for a beginner’s website. It’ll ask if you want to register a new domain or if you already have one. Your website’s domain. So as a beginner, let’s register a domain. Biohackerly is an example biohacker website. Start filling out forms.

Website creation

If you’re not targeting a specific country, choose the US for the data centre. Your server will be close to the US, which has the most search traffic. Other than that, pay now. Under SiteGround’s Website tab, find your site and click Complete. Next, click Continue and start a new website. Choose WordPress. WordPress is an industry-standard CMS that makes adding new blog content easy. Then enter your username and password.

You’ll see the screen in two minutes. SiteGround offers a step-by-step WordPress walkthrough. Start now. Choose your blog’s theme here. Its layout and design. Let’s use this minimum one. You can select extra features before an affiliate blog, but you only need a contact form. Your blog is being rebuilt. Click view site to see the result. [Narrator] Expires! (static) Okay, but customise it. To do so, click Edit Page. Here, you can start editing text CC immediately. For example, change the title first. You’ll want to start reviewing affiliate products eventually.

In WordPress, click new post. Here you can add new content, images, and affiliate links to monetize your review. Now that you’ve started a blog, think about traffic. How will Google find your blog? SEO is all about this. This video doesn’t cover SEO’s full strategy. It’s a repeatable process, though. Two options to start: First, check out my SEO beginner guide playlist for some free videos on SEO essentials. Check out my course the Affiliate Lab for a deeper dive into SEO and affiliate marketing.


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